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"NMA" agro mobile app

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Free digital tool

To help farmers to report their commitments more easily and quickly, to properly assess the state of their declared fields, and to find information related to their payments, a free digital tool, a "NMA agro" mobile application has been developed and is constantly being improved. More than 20,000 users have already experienced the practical benefits of the app. The app is equipped with Copernicus Sentinel satellite images and maps of the different vegetation indices, which allow farmers to monitor and assess the condition of their crops in their fields and to carry out the necessary management actions when needed. Sentinel satellite images and vegetation index maps are updated every 5 days. Farmers can also report actions carried out or non-compliances corrected not only to the NPA, but also to other supervisory authorities. "NMA agro" allows you to send photo images with precise coordinates and direction directly from the field, as well as measure distances and areas on the screen. The app provides access to NPA information package with up-to-date news, a calendar with deadlines for major commitments and works, and a weather forecast. Through the app, you can access the NPA's information portal to find out the administrative status of your applications, the amounts of aid paid, etc. The app is not only for farmers, but can be used by all Lithuanian citizens.

The "NMA agro" app is easy to use and easy to apply: • Encourages farmers to take an active part in the support administration process, to become participants rather than observers. • Reduces the number of visits by agencies to farms and project sites. • It allows farmers to inform NPA, the State Food and Veterinary Service, the State Plant Service, PI "Ekoagros", the State Service for Protected Areas and the Ministry of Environment of activities carried out or of problems related to the support commitments. • Makes farming more efficient. Farmers can make more accurate fertiliser and irrigation plans, and predict the quantity and quality of future harvests more accurately. • Prevent potential infringements and penalties. • Ensures transparency in the administration of EU and Lithuanian support. Enables all Lithuanian citizens to report cases of misuse of support, improperly maintained fields and other irregularities by persons receiving or applying for EU and Lithuanian support for agriculture, rural development and fisheries. The mobile app is designed for smartphones and can be found and downloaded for free on Google Play or the App Store. To activate the app, your phone must be enabled for location tracking (GPS) and mobile data transfer (mobile internet).


Argumentation: The application of the "NMA agro" app in farmers' daily routines allows one to take a further step towards the implementation of the Automated Permanent Field Monitoring Information System (ALNSIS). The aim is also to open up as much of the data held by public authorities as possible to the public and to business, which would increase the transparency of support administration and encourage business to develop new services for farmers.

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  • Year: 2018