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Feeding of yearlings of beef and purebred cattle using feed cutting-mixing-dosing technology with integrated weighing system

EU funding

Pašarų smulkinimo - maišymo - dalinimo technologiją su integruota svėrimo sistema, jei investicija susijusi su gyvulininkystės, daržininkystės, sodininkystės ar mišraus ūkio, vyraujant gyvulininkystės veiklai, dabar galite įsigyti pagal priemonę "Parama smulkių ūkio subjektų bendradarbiavimui". Paraiškos renkamos nuo 2022-09-01 iki 2022-10-31.

Jei turite klausimų susisiekite su LŽŪKT paslaugų ir produktų valdymo specialistu, Mindaugu Mižutavičiumi, el.paštu mindaugas.mizutavicius@lzukt.lt arba tel. nr. +37060293960.

The support measure is active only in Lithuania.

Livestock farming
Feeding of yearlings of beef and purebred cattle

Reproductive characteristics and productivity of fattening cattle increase as they receive accurately-dosed, pre-formulated feed. As the farm specializes in breeding of controlled and fattening bulls, it decided to invest in the process of feed preparation and distribution, and purchased feed cutting-mixing-dosing technology with an integrated weighing system (Feed Preparation System - FPS) to test it in production. Prior to this investment, the animals on the farm (average annual number of cattle up to 300) were fed manually (4 employees look after the cattle), so it was not possible to calculate the accurate amount of dispensed feed. The purchased FPS helped to optimize, control and, if necessary, quickly adjust the feeding. The data of farm production for 2016, 2017 and 2018 (before and after investment) confirm that FPS had a positive impact on weight and health of yearlings; the labor costs for preparing and distributing feed have reduced, and the costs of feed produced by farm itself has lowered.

Effect: Economical, Sustainable Farming, Animal health

Argumentation: According to production data (2017-2018 compared to 2016), weight gains of pure-bred beef cattle increased by 1.93%, of crossbreeds - by 7.77%. The fattening cattle mortality rates decreased by almost double. Labor costs for a proper feeding process decreased by double, and feeding time shortened by one-fourth. In 2017 costs of feed decreased by 35%, although the number of fattening cattle was bigger than in 2016.

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