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A digital tool for a proper selection of plant protection products

Crop production; Digital tool
Plant Protection Solutions

Today’s farming is becoming increasingly complex: climate change, investment, plant diseases, sustainable pest and weed control, changing market trends, etc. – all these challenges are driving the search for new technologies and solutions that would make farming more efficient and sustainable.

The AgSolutions Finder digital tool helps farmers receive plant protection recommendations for crops grown on a specific farm. The recommendations usually include products, spray rates and plant development stages. For convenience, the BASF AgSolutions Finder digital tool can be found on the portal www.agro.basf.lt or the tool can be used via a mobile device – by installing a mobile app BASF Agro Adviser. Accurate recommendations require as much information as possible, e.g.: • a crop is chosen: winter and spring rapeseed, wheat and barley, peas or beans; crop of choice: winter and spring rape, wheat and barley, peas or beans; • it is indicated when you want to spray – in autumn or spring; • the problems encountered in the crop are identified: diseases, weeds or growth regulation. If the farmer does not know the exact disease name, there are illustrations to help identify the disease from a photo. Based on the recommendation received, the farmer can plan the technology of spraying plant protection products. A specific solution is provided for a specific problem. It is very easy to get a quick answer as to what to spray on a selected plant. Other advantages of the digital tool: no registration required, the tool is free of charge, relevant information articles are provided, contacts can be used, if you have any questions, etc. The tool is intended for all persons engaged in agricultural activities.

Effect: Economical, Sustainable Farming

Argumentation: Expeditiously provided recommendations help to make the right plant protection decisions, which save farmers’ time and money, increase farm productivity and efficiency. This is especially important to achieve the best possible results in farming.