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A tool for assessing digital tools used in agriculture

Assessment Tool
Assessment Tool

In recent years, agriculture has become increasingly modern with a variety of digital technologies and innovations being applied in different areas. Those who relate their future to agriculture need to learn, introduce digital technologies and innovate on a regular basis. This helps saving time and money by monitoring, collecting and analysing information in real time.

A number of digital tools have been developed, both nationally and internationally, to address the day-to-day challenges of farmers and advisers. But how to choose the most appropriate? The EU-funded (H2020) project FAIRshare offers a free assessment tool that helps to assess and compare different digital tools according to a uniform / selected set of characteristics. The assessment tool can be found at: https://fairshare-pnf.eu/assessment-tool. It is translated into 11 different languages, including Lithuanian. It is used to select the most appropriate digital tool to meet the needs of the farm. The FAIRshare platform also hosts a database of digital tools (the database can be found at: https://fairshare-pnf.eu/tools.). It collects information on digital tools used in different countries. Each tool is briefly described, with contact information. The database is freely available, therefore, it can be used if necessary, and if necessary, more detailed information is also available – to contact the specified contact person. The database can be found at: https://fairshare-pnf.eu/tools. The FAIRshare digital tool database is regularly updated. If you are using a digital tool and want to share this information / good practice – please let us know, the information regarding the digital tool will be placed in a publicly accessible database.

Effect: Agro-environmental protection, Economical, Sustainable Farming

Argumentation: Advanced technologies offer great potential for optimizing on-farm processes and doing more with fewer resources, creating more sustainable agriculture and contributing to environmental protection by reducing pesticide and fertilizer levels.

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  • Year: 2021