Taikomųjų inovacijų tyrimų ir rezultatų informacinė sistema


The Applied Innovation Research and Results Information System


About us

The Applied Innovation Research and Results Information System (TITRIS) collects, publicizes and compiles data on applied innovation research and results that can potentially contribute to more efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly farming.

The object of TITRIS is non-commercial research and innovations created in practice that have and can have a lower or higher significance for sustainable agricultural production.

Innovation is understood as a technological and/or organizational improvement of an agricultural and forestry product, process, technology, production and/or service method that can be tested, demonstrated and adapted to production conditions.

The providers of data on applied research and innovation to TITRIS system are scientific institutions, farms, and other specialized producers.

Prior to publicizing innovations in TITRIS, all data is carefully evaluated by a competent specialist of the Lithuanian Agricultural Advisory Service. The purpose of this evaluation is clarification, novelty, adaptability and relevance of the publicized information. 

TITRIS is a part of the project "Gate of Innovations” - the centre for knowledge accumulation, transfer, development of agricultural technologies and their demonstration". The project “Gate of Innovations” is financed from the activity “Establishment of EIP action groups and development of their activities” (Contract No. 35BV-KK-15-1-07868/16/6874, 19 December, 2016) under the measure “Cooperation” of the Lithuanian Rural Development Program 2014-2020. The Project "Gate of Innovations” together with partners implement an organizational innovation – to form and maintain a system of continuous innovations in agricultural production. 

Members of the "Gate of Innovations” project:

  • Project Supervisor and Coordinator – Lithuanian Agricultural Advisory Service

Project partners:

  • Vytautas Magnus University Agriculture Academy
  • Lithuanian University of Health Sciences
  • Lithuanian Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry
  • UAB Dotnuva Experimental Farm
  • UAB Upytė Experimental Farm
  • UAB Šeduvos avininkystė (Šeduva Sheep Farming)
  • UAB Šilutės veislininkystė (Šilutė Breeding)
  • UAB Lietuvos žirgynas (Lithuanian Stud Farm)
  • AB Kiaulių veislininkystė (Pig Breeding)
  • PI Aleksandras Stulginskis University Training Farm

TITRIS Administrator – Innovation Support Service, Lithuanian language editor - Jolanta Dalia Abarienė (+370 347 44 023), English language editor Saulius Zagorskis (+370 347 38 413).